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Omi Oh My AI is a game about solving simple puzzles that have been generated by our Artificial Intelligence named Omi! Players solve a variety of puzzles from image selection to text entry and even simple mathematics to overcome the challenges set out by Omi! These puzzles themselves are deceptively simple, and Omi has more than a few tricks up their digital sleeve.

Full of surprises and twists at every corner, Omi will try to trip the player up and continue to do the unexpected. Learn to think like an AI as you try to keep up with Omi's unique perspective on things. It has its own rules and understanding of the world, and you will need to fully comprehend these in order to progress through the puzzles to complete the challenges laid out before you.

Or at least, that's what it looks like at face value.

Only read this next bit if you want a peek behind the curtain!

The game is a work of 'Unfiction', inspired by games like Doki Doki Literature Club and Pony Island, in addition to Alternate Reality Games like the Halo 2 I Love Bees campaign. Omi Oh My AI doesn't just draw the player into its world but makes itself real in the Players world, and players will need to traverse and research outside the game as well in order to finish it.

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